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Bedridden Devotion
Monkey D. Luffy was about to let out a loud yawn, but he quickly caught himself. He glanced at the small digital clock on the night-side table; it was almost midnight. The young woman bundled up underneath the covers in front of him let out a tiny moan, and Luffy immediately brought his attention back to her. For about six hours now he had been sitting at Boa Hancock's bedside, keeping watch over her. She had come down with a serious cold earlier that day, and had to be restricted to nothing but bed rest until she finally got better. Although Chopper had told him that it was nothing too serious, Luffy couldn't help but worry.
Luffy hated it; he couldn't see Hancock's face in the darkness, but he could tell that she was suffering. '...Hancock...' He was so distressed over Hancock's condition that he had even skipped lunch and dinner, which was something never thought possible for someone like Luffy.
The door behind him suddenly creaked open ever so slightly, allowing some light to leak
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Fall Anime First Impressions

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 17, 2011, 2:01 AM

So I've started watching anime on a regular basis again, mainly due to P4A. Here are the series I've seen so far:

♦ Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
- very interesting so far. the AGE system seems pretty badass. i'm definitely watching this. aside from the fact that Flit, Emily, Yurin and Dique are children, i have no qualms about this series.

♦ Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle
- it's entertaining. not excellent, but not bad either.

♦ Mirai Nikki
- not reading the manga, and i like it so far. might pick up the manga after the anime ends though, or something. it seems to be a good old suspense anime/manga, so i'm not very eager to hasten my heart rate. still, i'll be watching this weekly.

♦ Persona 4 The Animation
- pretty faithful, and I definitely can't complain about the art of the fight scenes. I think they're hurrying up to get the plotsauce out of the way first before they slow down and tackle the social links. at that point, i hope they do increase the animation quality of the daily life parts, since those look dead compared to the battle ones.

- kinda weird and slow at the first episode, but since it's Bones and Seiji Mizushima and Sho Aikawa, who made my beloved Fullmetal Alchemist first anime, i'm giving it another 2 or 3 episodes to see how good it is. hopefully it picks up after the bulky character introductions in the first ep.

♦ Guilty Crown
- The animation and the art were topnotch so far. The songs were pretty good too, and it seems quite interesting. It reminds me of Code Geass too much in the first episode though, and i'm not sure if that's a bad thing.

♦ Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
- my brain melted.

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I like Shonen Anime, because I grew up watching manly guys duke it out, so I don't like moeblobs that much. One Piece is my all time favorite anime/manga, and those guys called TVXQ! that sang 3 of its theme songs are my favorite musicians.



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